⁠Language awakenings in German and English

Our language courses

Language learning in children takes place in four exciting phases:

 1. Playful phase : We favor games and songs in the target language for an entertaining and interactive immersion.

2. Vocabulary acquisition : Children learn essential vocabulary in a dynamic and engaging way.

3. Introduction to grammar : This stage is designed to introduce children to the foundations of grammar, focusing on building structured and correct sentences. We also integrate relevant educational content into their school curriculum, which helps strengthen and expand their knowledge. In addition, we adopt fun and interactive approaches to stimulate their interest and curiosity towards the foreign language, making learning a process that is both fun and educational.

Our courses, aimed at young learners aged 8 to 13, are taught by instructors who are passionate about teaching children. They guarantee a joyful and enriching learning experience.

Proposed start date for the course: January 10, 2023. Details regarding course times and locations will be communicated later, once registrations have been finalized. Please note that our courses will be suspended during school holiday periods.

Take advantage of this exclusive offer! With this flyer, benefit from a reduction of 20% during the first 3 months of courses. Usual price: 20 CHF per lesson. Take this opportunity to enrich your learning at a great price!

Classes begin as soon as a group of at least 4 students is formed.

Information: 021 968 12 30 – 079 174 33 71

Our proposals

Titled: “Linguistic Adventure: Exploring and Expressing Yourself in a New Language”

Description: Join our interactive language course, specially designed for teenagers aged 8 to 15. Our goal is to encourage young people to explore and express themselves in a new language through fun and engaging methods. This course offers a dynamic and engaging approach to language learning.

Highlights of the course:

  1. Educational games : Use of stimulating games to promote learning while entertaining.
  2. Music and arts : Integrating songs, drama and visual arts for interactive and creative learning.
  3. Language immersion : Encouragement to actively practice the language in various contexts, thereby strengthening fluency and self-confidence.
  4. Group Discussions : Interactive sessions to improve communication skills and strengthen social bonds.
  5. Content suitable for teenagers : Educational material designed specifically to captivate and stimulate adolescents.

Course objectives:

  • Arouse interest and curiosity for a foreign language.
  • Build self-confidence when speaking in a non-native language.
  • Establish a solid foundation for future language proficiency, while developing effective communication skills.

This course is a perfect opportunity for teenagers to discover the world of languages in a fun and innovative way, while developing essential language skills for their future.

Schedules and Prices

Annual contract:

Lessons 50 minutes of lessons per week = 20.00 CHF / hour

Price for 10 lessons 180 fr 

Equipment tax for one year: CHF 85.- plus charges and fees for “walks and short excursions” rate on a case-by-case basis on request.


Language courses